Imagine Your First Name Or Company Name Woven Seamlessly Into A Video Inviting You To Try Out A New Product.

Many reps are leveraging video testimonials to showcase how other clients are achieving success. In addition, don't mistake “longer” for “better” -- if your message can be expressed in just a few seconds, don't drag out the length of your video unnecessarily. 5 Intel: “Meet the Makers” Series Intel's five-part “Meet the Makers” series looks more like the inspirational, uplifting stories you see on the news rather than videos created by a brand. Download our free guide here to learn how to create high-quality videos for social media. Here are some top B2B video tips to help you create great product videos and... Episode 50: The Power of Video Analytics – Part One To measure, monitor and control business growth you need the right business tools. Imagine your first name or company name woven seamlessly into a video inviting you to try out a new product. Chevrolet has always been quick to adopt new marketing advances and incorporate them into their strategy. But what really makes this campaign a success is its interactive game that drives viewers to the website to play and share with friends and family.

Top Tips For Video Marketing Plans

Getty Images The last several days provided an array of digital marketing data points, with figures aplenty about consumers' search habits, mobile habits, social platforms, bad ads, chat bots and more. denna hemsida The following eight stats particularly got our attention. 1. Santa Claus = "totally a dog person" SLI Systems studied more than 5.5 million consumer searches on ecommerce sites during the four weeks leading into the holiday seasons, and it found dogs are more than twice as likely to receive gifts from their owners than cats. Purr-ty surprising, huh? 2. Insta-success On Thursday, Instagram revealed it now has 600 million users. The photo- and video-sharing app has been on a rapid growth trajectory, adding 100 million accounts in just the past six months. Check out this six-year timeline to see its quick ascent in the digital realm. 3.Publishing anarchy in the U.K. KPMG's recent survey of 2,000 Britons found that 49 percent of them expect to download ad blockers in the next six months. Forty. Nine.

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