The Traditional Approach Of Pushing Listings To The Same Set Of Directories As Everyone Else Is An Outdated Approach That Has Shown To Be Ineffective.

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Their value lies in the crowdsourced information users provide in real time, says Brad Wing, VP Platform and Partnerships of SweetIQ. [The SweetIQ Network] has been built with this knowledge at its core and as a result, creates listings that are active, living pages which are verified directly on each site. The data can be updated in real time and is never frozen or held hostage. The traditional approach of pushing listings to the same set of directories as everyone else is an outdated approach that has shown to be ineffective. When all businesses are listed on the same directories, with no true content differentiation, no one wins. This approach relies on location information being syndicated to a predefined number of directories without organic claiming, and often results in frozen data, a stagnant listings process, and no sustained local marketing performance. The Smart Network takes a different approach: By leveraging direct APIs and deep partnerships like Yelp , SweetIQ gives clients full control of their listings, keeping them dynamic, accurate, and constantly up-to-date. Access to advanced conversion insights from Yelp, Google, Facebook, Bing, Foursquare, as well as a myriad of offline data sources help businesses tie searches to in-store sales. Quarterly reviews of directory performance further protect businesses from the transient nature of the local search and discovery ecosystem, automatically replacing less performant directories with newer and more relevant ones. Combined with SweetIQs advanced data analytics platform and online-to-offline attribution engine, basic listings are elevated to the next level, changing from a path of being found online to driving incentivized consumers to stores. SweetIQ is changing the way listing networks should be leveraged to meet new market expectations, put the power and control back in the hands of those being listed, and drive real, relevant, and sustained performance. Combined with more advanced local campaigns, it creates the right set of conditions for the execution of a local marketing strategy that drive incentivized consumers to stores, and ultimately, more sales.

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